Lentile cu CIP RFID pentru masini laser Trumpf

Lenses for new TRUMPF Laser Cutting Heads

In the new Trumpf laser cutting heads, cleanliness and functional efficiency of the lens are monitored by the process control – there is no further need for removal and visual inspection. This monitoring is based on a temperature measurement method which is patented under no. EP 1800156.

In 2013, Trumpf started using a new generation of lenses which have a RFID chip inserted at the side (see picture). On this chip, information about the lens is recorded for evaluation purposes.

Compared to the lenses used previously, the new lenses with RFID chip have following advantages:
– Evaluation of cleanliness and functional efficiency is more precise than with lenses without a chip.
– Lens operation time and quantity of cleaning cycles are recorded on the RFID chip and can be checked anytime.

As a result, lens cleaning and replacement intervals can be optimized much better, and loss of productivity due to unnecessary cleaning and/or bad cutting quality are avoided.
Another advantage of the new lenses is that error messages are sent by the process control if the lens has a wrong focal length and/or is mounted upside down.
Ophir produces the new lenses with RFID chip not only for Trumpf, but also – within a license agreement – for sales to users of Trumpf machines. The license agreement makes sure that all technical data and tolerances are exactly identical to the specifications of the lenses sold to Trumpf.

Diametru Distanta focala Cod Trumpf® lentila fara CIP / lentila cu CIP Cod Ophir (Lentila cu cip RFID)
40 mm 130 mm 0380117 / 1772319 631091-117
40 mm 250 mm 0380115 / 1770805 631090-117



 Lenses for new TRUMPF Laser Cutting Heads